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"We can see in the autistic person, far more clearly than with any normal child, a predestination for a particular profession from earliest youth. A particular line of work often grows naturally out of their special abilities."
-Hans Asperger


Snowflake Therapy Services provides Occupational Therapy and other services to the Peterborough area, with a focus on individuals with Asperger's Syndrome, Spectrum Disorders, Anxiety, or other neuro-developmental conditions, and the families who support them. 

Our services are open to all individuals/families, and a diagnosis or doctor referral is generally not required.

Our Mission

Snowflake Therapy believes in the importance of human uniqueness and individuality as the basis of creativity and productivity. Many of the advances in science, the arts, and other fields that we enjoy today are the very result of the life work of such individuals.

Snowflake Therapy aims to focus on the strengths and special skills of the individual, while providing support and intervention for the development of other necessary functional skills required for daily living, engagement in meaningful activities, and success in one's environment.


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